I have always loved holidays, especially Christmas. Ever since I was old enough to understand what a tradition was, I have been infatuated with them. Growing up, my family didn’t have many traditions. We always traveled to my favorite grandparents house, which I loved but between celebrating and traveling there was never much time for traditions. As an adult, I now have more say in what occurs during the holidays, and now that my sister has a toddler she has joined forces with me in creating holiday traditions.

This year we created gingerbread houses, something amazing that I haven’t done since I was ten. At ten it was not an enjoyable experience because my control freak dad never allowed for much creative allowances as he wanted all of the gingerbread houses to look exactly like the one of the box. This year my sister had the brilliant idea to make the gingerbread from scratch, this allowed us to create our own shapes and to envision our gingerbread houses to be whatever we wanted them to. I designed mine to be Santa’s barn, complete with stalls, trees, and candy reindeer and Santa. I of course took numerous pictures on my cell phone, posted them on Facebook and sent them to my family friends. I am probably more proud of this Christmas creation than I should be at my age, but I really do not care. For your viewing pleasure, and to toot my own horn some more, I have included some pictures below of my fabulous gingerbread barn.

10858488_10204704920559428_1455875225854524077_n          10888782_10204704921319447_7441385498308944578_n

I sort of dropped the ball on Secret Santa this year, a tradition I started a few years ago. So to compensate I instituted a new tradition this year, each member of my immediate family was to write a six line poem about their year that rhymed. It was pretty much like pulling teeth, as the expression goes, to ensure these poems were written, but I believe the end result was pretty fantastic.

My sister’s Christmas poem:

Christmas day brings lots of cheer

Christmas day brings everyone near

Christmas day is time for happiness and joy

And lots of toys!

My wish is that everyday after is always like Christmas

My wish is that after Christmas means new beginnings and new interests

My mother’s:

Milestones naughty some nice

But will take another slice

Year brought sadness but also happiness

So much goodness

So much hope

Thank goodness for hope!

My brother’s:

Sam Walton sucks

Discount Tire’s awesome

Three jobs one year

Xbox One is here

Always good to have friends near

Here’s to the next semester of college Cheer! Cheer!

And finally my own poem:

This year has been full of laughter and tears

Classes taken, battles won to conquer fears

After becoming Barnes & Noble personnel

Outside found a small kitten named Noel

And now there is only one more mission

To welcome in this new Christmas Tradition

The next step for me is to create a New Year’s Eve card that features all of these poems. I have five days to make them and then send them out. No pressure.


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